Virginia Court Elementary

12600 E. Virginia Ct., Aurora, CO 80012

Main Office: (303) 366-9594

Office Hours: 7:15-3:00

Principal: Kim Pippenger

Friday, March 1, 2024

An Important Message from Assistant Principal Sellers:

Dear Virginia Court Families,

I am writing this to let you know that I have accepted a Principal position in another district in Colorado.

I have had the amazing pleasure of serving the Virginia Court community over the past five years as the Assistant Principal. Thank you for teaching me how to best support your children through the many different changes in the community. I enter into this new opportunity a better leader because of you. 

I will continue to serve in this role through the month of March and then will begin my new position beginning April 1st.

I will forever carry the Virginia Court community in my heart and wish you the very best moving forward.


Rachel Sellers

Assistant Principal

weekly message from principal pippenger

Dear Virginia Court Families,

March is officially here! So much progress and growth happening at Virginia Court! 

If you didn’t make it to conferences last night… There is still one more night happening next week! What a great night of families interacting with teachers and hearing about the great progress their child has made!

Sign-up for Round 2, happening on March 7th! Sign-up here for a 20-minute time slot to meet with your child’s teacher. 

Why attend your child’s conference?

Reach out to Sangita Patel, Family Engagement Advisor at if you have questions or need support to sign-up. 


Summer School Registration is now Open!

It’s not too early to be thinking about Summer school!



Universal Preschool Registration is now Open!

From February 29th to April, all children in their year before kindergarten can register for preschool of their choice. Registration can only be completed online. 

Please use this link to find more information:

Questions? 303‑866‑5223



Attendance Celebrations!

There is one week left in qualifying for the Disco Party for attendance! Several classes can still qualify to participate! The more students come to school consistently, the more they deepen learning, strengthen language, and create trusting relationships!


Yearbooks are on sale!

Don't miss out on pictures and memories of this school year. Order yours before April 8 for $15. They will be delivered May 20. You can send your order form to school or order online at or scan this code: 

Community Resources


IRS-certified volunteers will prepare and file your federal and state tax returns all in the same day. You will need to remain in-person while your taxes are prepared. This process can range from 45 minutes to a few hours depending on the complexity of the tax return and how busy the site is

2055 N. Moline St.
Aurora, CO 80010


Check out WIley Wildcat's FB on the Virginia Court Facebook Page! Click here to see past and upcoming events! Read about the Virginia Court Heart Heros!

And, of course, your child’s teacher is also available to you when they are not teaching students.  Please see our website ( for links to their contact information.

In partnership, 

Kim Pippenger


From the Dean's Office

REMINDER: Students should NOT bring any toys, balls, or cards to school.  Students should not bring their own soccer or basketballs even for play before school.  Teachers and staff will collect items that are distracting to the learning environment.  Collected items will be returned at the end of the day.  Also, cell phones need to be stored in a backpack during school hours or left at home. 

From Nurse Katie

From Nurse Katie

Virginia Court is hosting FREE eye exams and glasses March 19th-22nd

Free Vision Exam

Conjunctivitis, or “pink eye”

Heart Challenge Fundraiser: Update


Please reach out with any questions. I am happy to help in any way I can support!

Katie, School Nurse

important information


 We are a small campus with more than 680 students! Safety of our students before and afterschool is a priority. Here is the traffic map that will support you to find the best way to get to school to drop off or pick up your child.  

Here is a tip: We begin supervision at 7:25 and we see very little traffic before 7:35.  If you come after 7:35 drop off will take a bit more time causing your child to be late. So, plan ahead and come early!

Office Hours:

We are here to serve you and here are some of the things that are important to know:

Office Hours:  7:15-3:00, Monday-Friday

School Hours: (Kinder-5th grade) 7:45-2:15 

School Phone: 303-366-9594

Attendance Line: Please report absences using the Talking Points Attendance account

Our main entrance is located on Virginia Court near the flag poles.  Identification is required to sign into the school and to pick up students during the school day

Arriving on Campus:

Supervision starts at 7:25. To ensure student safety, please do not bring students to school before 7:25. The first bell rings at 7:43 and students are brought inside at 7:45. 

Students who arrive after Teachers have gone inside will need to report to the main office for a late/tardy slip. 

Dismissal from School

The bell rings at 2:15 and all students should leave campus by 2:25.  Students will be dismissed at the same place where they line up in the morning. Please let your child’s teacher know how they will be dismissed each day.

Cold and Wet Weather

We monitor weather conditions carefully.  At this time of year the mornings are much colder. Here’s how we make decisions about whether students have inside recess:

If temps are below 20 degrees (including wind chill)

If it is raining or snowing enough that students would be wet when they come into the building

Our students go outside for recess when the temperature is above 20 degrees. This gives our kids fresh air, which is so good for their health and wellness.  

Warm jackets, mittens, hats, snow boots and other cold weather clothing are needed for Colorado weather. If your children need warm clothes, please reach out to Sangita Patel, the Family Engagement Advisor at 


Unexcused Absences

Student attendance at school is so important! Recently we’ve noticed students being absent from school without an excuse. We know you care about your child and believe it is very important to give children the best opportunity to learn the skills necessary for success in their future.  We know that sometimes students are sick or have a family emergency. When students are out without a reason, their absence is marked UNEXCUSED. 

We know you care about your child and believe it is very important to give children the best opportunity to learn the skills necessary for success in their future.  Attending school on a regular basis is one way to support your child’s education. We are here to help!

Please text the Attendance Talking Points when your child is absent.  If you need the link to the Attendance Talking Points please call the main office 303-366-9594. 

Thank you for joining us and working as a team for the success of all of our students.


Talking Points is an easy way to stay connected.  Download the app

Do we have your current phone number and email address? We don’t want you to miss a thing!  Please check in and update your contact information. 

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At Virginia Court We are Committed to Serve Our Community

Vision: Educate, Prepare, Inspire

Mission: We are inspired to collaboratively grow and refine our educational practices, highlighting critical thinking and creativity in a joyful environment.

Purpose Statement: At Virginia Court, we are committed to cultivating critical thinking and creativity. We believe every child deserves an education that is rigorous, relevant and joyful. We strive to nurture a community of problem-solvers who are resilient and culturally responsive in a global society.

Support for Families

Resources for you:

Community Resources

This time of year, families are looking for resources to support the cold weather and holiday season. Here is a list of information for where families can go to for free resources:


Thanksgiving Dinner Basket 

Food Pantry 

Holiday Presents 

Community Resources 

Family Nights 

Funding for Eligible Families 

ArapaSOURCE is the County's online map tool for quickly finding the resources you need, closest to you, quickly. Click here to find supports in your area: ArapaSOURCE Resource Finder


Medical Assistance - Dental, Vision, Health

Employment and Job Training 

Food Assistance 

Legal Services 

Shelters and Housing Assistance 

Substance Abuse 

Food for Thought Partnership

We have seen many families reaching out about food needs. We have partnered with Food for Thought, which is linked to the Food Bank of the Rockies. Beginning December 2 and every other week after that, Food for Thought will deliver “Power snack bags” for all students regardless of need. 

Food bins will be placed outside of classrooms with Food Bags

Students make take 1 bag, regardless of need

Reach out to Sangita Patel, the Family Engagement Advisor at if you have questions.

Tri-County Immunizations: Aurora Office

***By Appointment Only***

15400 E. 14th Place Aurora, CO 80011

Low or no-cost immunizations for uninsured children and adults*  CHP+, Medicaid, and Medicare accepted 

Private insurance accepted (unable to bill Kaiser and select private insurances)  Out of pocket costs vary for nonroutine vaccines Immunization Hotline 303-451-0123 Bring your immunization record with you to every visit

John E's Tire X-Change on Havana donates tires to families in need. He also has a stock of low-cost tires available - all sizes. 

262 Havana St. 


Medicaid Updates

Have you heard the news? Families who currently have Medicaid/CHP+ will need to reverify their address with the state of Colorado in order to be renewed and keep their benefits. 

Here is how you can help determine if you still qualify:

Make sure your contact information is up to date with the state and Aurora Public Schools

Check your mail for a letter

Complete your renewal form if you get one.

Visit for more information. You can also call: 

Dalia Karr (303) 326-2000 ext. 28539

Liz Ocasio (303) 326-2000 ext. 28537

And, of course, your child’s teacher is also available to you when they are not teaching students.

Virginia Court Elementary continues to partner with various community organizations around us. Here is news from two of our partners: 

Aurora Hills Church is almost ready to get our community garden going again this year.  It's a small garden, about 16 plots or so. They would love to offer a few families from the school a plot. Weather permitting, we are going to get started on May 6th.

Families interested in a plot should call Kerri at the church office number, 303-366-3620 and leave a message. You can also send an email to

Liberty Creek Apartments is offering a special rental rate with approved credit: 2 bedroom, 2 bath - with 1 month free! Call 303-695-1493 to speak to a property consultant for more details or go to for more information.

Free Meals for Students

Colorado Food Cluster


SFCR Flyer for caregivers for Fall 2021.docx
SFCR Flyer for caregivers for Fall 2021 - spanish.docx

FREE Internet Access 

If you do not currently have internet access at home, but live in a Comcast area, you can sign up for 60 days of FREE Internet Essentials service. This is normally available to all qualified households for $9.95/month.

Another Free Internet Option: 

Internet Essentials Flyer (2) (1).pdf

Internet and Community Resources

RISE Aurora Resource Guide (2).pdf

Parent Playbook

This is a great resource to access all the ways APS is supporting families and students and an opportunity to share your voice in supporting your child's learning experience! Click here to access this resource.