Parent Communication

2021-22 School Year Details

The SCHOOL CALENDAR is now available.

APS Student Check-In is open NOW!

Help us begin to plan for next year by letting us know if your child is returning to Virginia Court.

The APS Online Student Check-In System is available to families with students who are already registered in APS who need to check-in for the current or upcoming school year. With the Student Check-in System, you can check in your child for school and update or confirm your address, phone numbers, emergency contacts, health information, preferred language, and more. You can complete the student check-in process online using any device with Internet access. To begin, you will need to make sure your computer, laptop, or mobile device meets the requirements below.

  • If you need help accessing your parent portal, please contact Aaron De La Cruz at 720-767-3765.

Preschool only: All preschool placements are done through the ECE department. Phone: 303-364-9371, ext. 28950

Community Resources:

COMMUNITY VACCINE COMMUNICATION FOR FAMILIES: A Community Vaccine Communication for Families has been developed. The state has approved the free staff and community COVID Check CO testing through June.

COVID testing is now available for any community member. Please register at this link to schedule a drive-thru appointment.


We have federal funding to pay for free weekly meal delivery for students until June 30, 2021.

Colorado Food Cluster (CFC)

  • Any students ages 6-18 are eligible - they just need a student ID number to enroll and families can enroll multiple students in each household

  • Students will receive a weekly delivery of 7 meals & 14 snacks, including milk

  • Currently, we're delivering within 20 miles of downtown Denver; we'll keep you posted when we can expand further!

Use this 3-minute form (English + Spanish) to sign students up.

  • · Generally, it takes 1-3 weeks from sign up until the first meal delivery.

2021-2022 Calendar

APS Conventional Calendar for 2021-22 - English & Spanish.pdf

Please note that APS will use this calendar regardless of whether APS is back to fully in-person learning or if we remain in a remote, hybrid or cohort learning model.

Below are a few highlights for the 2021-22 school year:

  • Full-Day Professional Release: There are five full professional release days held Sept. 24, Oct. 18, Dec. 3, Jan. 3, and Feb. 18 in addition to the Jan. 28 district in-service day.

  • First Days of School: Students in grades 1-12 will have a simultaneous start on Aug. 12. As we have done in the past, preschool and Kindergarten students will start school the following week on Aug. 18.

  • Fall Break: APS will have a three-day Fall Break held Oct. 13-15, with Oct. 13 slated as a student non-contact day and teacher work day. It occurs at the end of the first quarter to ensure uninterrupted learning.

  • Thanksgiving Break: As with the current school year, APS will maintain a full week of Thanksgiving Break for students, which will be held Nov. 22-26.

  • Winter Break: APS will continue to hold Winter Break at the end of December and the beginning of January. It will be held Dec. 17-Jan. 3, with Dec. 17 and Jan. 3 slated as student non-contact days and teacher work days.

  • Spring Break: APS will hold Spring Break March 11-18, with March 11 being a student non-contact day. It occurs at the end of the third quarter to ensure uninterrupted learning.