Family Literacy Program at Virginia Court Elementary


The Learning Source, a nonprofit organization, provides FREE opportunities for motivated adult learners and families to attain their educational goals through English as a Second Language (ESL) instruction.  This is the 7th year of the Adult Family Literacy Program at Virginia Court Elementary and it has been a huge success!

The most important component of the Family Literacy Program is PACT Time (parent and child together time).  It is a regularly scheduled time for parents and children to play and work together.  It is quality time when parents listen to and learn about their children, observe them as they learn through play, build on their ideas and encourage them to use language and exercise their imaginations. For parents it is a chance to practice new interaction or behavior management strategies they may have learned about in Parent Time.  This part of the program is a huge success with the cooperation of the Virginia Court Elementary teachers and the natural bonding that occurs when a parent takes a stronger interest in their child’s education.  All parents involved in PACT Time see dramatic improvements in their child’s behavior as well as their academic skills.  Enrolled parents are very proud and credit PACT Time as being a huge catalyst for their children’s accomplishments!

We are excited and proud to have a family literacy program at Virginia Court Elementary and look forward to more years of growth and success!

If you are interested in the program, please contact Maya Williams at 303-366-9594.